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God’s Own Travel Agency (GOTA)


We are truly committed to not only meeting your aviation needs, but to always exceed your highest expectations. ANYTIME


God’s Own Travel Agency is endowed with highly skilled workforce with international training in Aviation studies. They possess the industry’s professional top of the line diploma and advanced diploma in Air Transport, with reasonable years of experience in aviation business.

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God's own travel agency is in the business of providing:

GOTA TOURISM (Inbound and outbound)

INTERNATIONAL TOURISM; Gota has breath taken yearly local and international tours:

International packages:

  • GOTA EASTER IN ISRAEL: We have been taken pilgrims from Benin and different parts of the world to Israel since 2014. Package is called Gota Easter in Israel. (Do check our social medias to see images)
  • GOTA BUSINESS, MEDICALE, AND LEISURE TOUR TO TURKEY :Gota initiated in Benin, partnering with Turkey chamber of commerce Istanbul in 2015, her yearly business, Medical, and leisure tours to Turkey.
  • GOTA EDUCTOUR TO USA: Our USA tourists visits five(5) big cities of the USA every August since 2017, with our GotaEductour to USA package..
  • GOTA DUBAI/KENYA TOUR:Gota all year round Dubai leisure tours, and Kenya Safari tours are tailor made to fit client’s dates all year round, and this since 2015.
  • GOTA DISCOVER SA: All year round, Gota puts at the discovery of her clients, group or fit tours to discover south Africa since 2013.


  • GOTA DISCOVER BENIN: Our one to three weeks Discover Benin package,with the possibility of discovering Togo, Ghana and Nigeria(Optional), is our inbound full package for our tourists coming  from the western world, and her environ. Included in the Benin option is Portonovo,Cotonou,Ganvie,Ouidah,Grandpopo and Abomey tour. Pendjari safari tour at the northern side of Benin is also part of the package when included.
  • GOTA WEEKEND FRANCOPHONIE/ANGLOPHONIE. We pick tourists from the Nigerian side of Seme border Friday afternoon, make them have a relaxed but discovery treat of Cotonou/Lagos, till Sunday afternoon while hearing and interacting in French/English.
  • GOTA XMAS / NEWYEAR TOUR(BENIN/NIGERIA) Tourists in either Nigeria or Benin has the possibilities of spending super Christmas or new year, or both, with family and friends, in her neighboring country.                               CALABAR CANIVAL is also part of our xmas package for the Nigeria option.
  • GOTA BENIN FESTIVAL PACKAGES: Among the festivals celebrated in Benin is VOUDOU FESTIVAL It is celebrated every 10th of January at Ouidah. Gota offer complete package for the festival. NIKI FESTIVAL is also one of Benin’s festival celebrated towards the end of the year at the northern part of Benin


One of Gota major service is providing Airline transportation and solutions to corporate bodies and individuals. We have worked and continue to work with both government parastatals, and institutions. We offer 24/7 cheap and multi international carrier choices worldwide.


Gota protocol team handles arrival and departure SemeKrake border protocols and Hilancondji Togo border. When our tours covers Ghana, we also handle Aflao Ghana border protocols. Gotameet and greet team welcomes our registered clients on arrival at Benin international airport, and Lagos local/international airports.


Gota voyages emerged the local Representative of Royal Caribbean cruise international in Benin and Togo,since May 2018. She has packaged and continue to package since then, cruise tours to the Mediterranean, USA,Dubai, etc. Dont forget, we handle the visa services when we are packaging your cruise.


Gota private charter service department serves as a bridge between Lagos and Cotonou. In our comfortable air-condition car,all kindsof travelers are picked or dropped on private bases between the two countries, handling the border protocols.


Gota visa department helps our clients handle the visa services of the below countries: Schengen Visa, British visa, USA, Dubai, Turkey, Doula,Brazzaville, etc.


Gota event department handles the planning, and running of ground hostesses and hosts for all types of events in Benin. MICE, weddings, etc.


Gota has helped and continue to help individuals and institutions handle interpretation services, Real estate acquisition, Business establishment, etc, due to her verse knowledge of the two countries.

We are truly committed to not only meeting your aviation needs, but to always exceed your highest expectations. ANYTIME

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The only time we will bother you is to know when exactly you are ready to go. And then you can start packing for the most memorable trip of your life

Our bilingual team of international trained professionals will ensure that you receive excellent service. They possess the industries professional top of the line Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas in Air Transport and tourism, and have years of experience in the industry.

We have worked and continued to work with some of Benin’s institutional based clients, such as, USAID, Peace Corps, Ministries, etc.
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We are truly committed to not only meeting your aviation needs, but to always exceed your highest expectations. ANYTIME

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